Hatha Raja Yoga A complete practice

Hatha Raja is combination of Hatha Yoga, using breath to find stillness in the body and mind and Raja Yoga, in pursuit of inner calm, meditation and relief from stress.

A regular Hatha Raja physical practice leads to greater strength and flexibility. But it is a very complete practice seeking yoga’s ultimate goal: self-actualisation and internal peace through the disconnection from the distractions that surround us.

You will practice pranayama breathing to stimulate the chakras, healing mantras to purify the mind and heart, asanas to strengthen the physical body and end with a Yoga Nidra guided relaxation.

This two hour in-studio session will leave you feeling energised, balanced and content having worked the body and relaxed the mind. Come and full-joy!

Saturday 18 June. 15:00-17:00

Yoga Rocks 481 Green Lanes, Palmers Green N13 4BS